Thursday, March 25, 2010


In case anybody decides to read this, I guess I'll start by introducing myself and what kinds of things I'll talk about, so you'll have some idea of whether you might want to read what I I write.

This blog is more or less a counterpoint to StackOverflow. StackOverflow is (intentionally) designed as a question and answer forum for programmers. Much of its design actively discourages extended discussion. Given the number of extended discussions that turn into arguments and outright flamewars in some cases, that was almost certainly a sensible decision, and I generally agree with it.

Nonetheless, there are times that a more extended discussion is in order as well. Being a blog tends to reduce flamewars a bit, simply because I'm not in the habit of flaming myself (and let's face it: given the number of blogs around, chances are pretty good nobody else will ever even read this, not to mention getting upset about it).

Anyway, that leads us to this blog. StackOverflow deals well with questions of fact (e.g. how do I move a window to a different monitor under Windows 7?), but relatively poorly with questions where the answer involves things like balancing a number of competing goals. I'm at least hoping that this forum will give me more opportunity for the latter. While it's certainly true that programming requires a great deal of factual knowledge (enough that StackOverflow has a lot of activity) it's also true that (at least to me) most of the really interesting questions in programming involve judgment, not just facts.

Speaking of judgment, my judgment tells me that this is getting too long, so I should shut up for now.

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